About Tales of Tier 4

I started Tales of Tier 4 (named after the UK’s “Tier 4” student visa programme) as a resource for Americans seeking information about coming to the United Kingdom to study.

When I first came to the UK five years ago, I noticed that although there were some scattered sources of information online about studying in the UK, there was no single, “one stop shop” type of resource. As a result, I spent countless hours with dozens of tabs open, navigating forums, UK and US government websites, and more trying to find answers to all the questions I had.

Can you work on a student visa? Can you get US student loans to study in the UK? How much does it cost to get a visa? How do applications work for Masters degrees in the UK compared to the undergraduate system? For each of these questions (and many more) I found myself Googling relentlessly to get a straight answer.

The aim of Tales of Tier 4 is to bring all of that information here, so that you can get quick and reliable answers to all of your questions about studying in the UK as an American.

So whether you’re looking to do a short study abroad program, or have longer-term plans to study in the UK this is the place for you – get started here!

About Me

My name is Jackson Allen and I’m from Houston, Texas. I grew up there and went to college at Texas A&M University (’13) before moving to England to pursue a degree in Human Rights Law. I’m now a first year PhD student at the University of Edinburgh.